Do you wish your kitchen had better functionality? There’s no better place to look than the busy site of commercial kitchens. Creating some of the finest dishes the world has seen in a timely manner is no simple task, but it is achieved in restaurants every day. Take a few of the following tips from commercial kitchens to instantly add function to your kitchen.

1. Open Spaces

To avoid cross-contamination and additional mess, commercial kitchens feature open storage so chefs can have quick and easy access to the tools they need. You can add this feature to your kitchen through open shelves to store your most-used kitchen tools and hooks to hang your utensils.

2. Prep Stations 

Restaurants are able to deliver foods in a timely manner thanks to all the meal prep. Marinated meats, sliced veggies, and everything else needed to swiftly bring gourmet dishes together are all thanks to the prep stations in commercial kitchens. You can easily add this feature to your kitchen by clearing some countertop space off and dedicating it as a prep station or create additional countertop space with a kitchen island.

3. Workstation Flow

Commercial kitchens are designed to host multiple chefs at once safely and without interruption. The key is to have open aisles (3-5 feet) and a work triangle that allows you to smoothly transition without obstruction from the stove to the dishwasher to the refrigerator. Easy movement around each work station allows you to avoid collisions when carrying heavy, hot, or sharp objects. A second sink also allows one chef to clean up without disturbing the other chef.

4. Splurge On Professional Appliances

Commercial kitchens feature professional appliances with the precision and power to handle every type of dish no matter the cooking method. Professional appliances are becoming more and more popular amongst residential kitchens thanks to their incredible features, advanced technologies, integrated look, and added home value. Check out our selection of iconic professional brands to equip your kitchen with the best of the best.

5. Equip Yourself

Professional chefs don’t mess around when it comes to kitchen equipment because they know having the wrong gear can quickly make a simple task a treacherous one, like dicing with a dull blade or stir-frying with too small of a wok. By equipping yourself with the right kitchen gear, you can streamline recipes and take on meals you couldn’t imagine before. Now is not the time to cheap-out either. Opt for professional cutlery, stainless-steel lined copper pots, proper pastry tools, and so on.

6. Treat Your Feet

Chefs have to move around quickly on a hard-surfaced floor that’s susceptible to spills, posing many problems. While you may not be working an 8-hour shift in the kitchen, you can still end up spending a surprising amount of time moving around as you prep, cook, and clean up. Take a tip from chefs by protecting your feet with a cushioned mat in front of your main workstations (sink, prep counter, and cooktop) or by wearing extra supportive shoes. You should also be sure your shoes are both closed-toe in case of hot liquid spills and nonslip to prevent slipping on the floor. 

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