Choosing the right dishwasher can be a difficult decision, especially when it comes down to two models that seem so similar. Here we compare the similarities and differences between two of our most popular dishwasher models; the KitchenAid KDTM404ESS and the Bosch SHX87PZ55N.

I have had many customers that are looking for a new dishwasher and ask me what the difference is between these two models and which one we recommend. Both dishwashers are very comparable; they are both top sellers and receive raving reviews.

From the outside, both dishwashers offer very similar appearances. For starters, both models have a smooth, stainless steel front door with a towel bar handle. They both open easily with that handle which is not only super sturdy and easy to grip, it also allows you the ability to conveniently hang your dish towels. Additionally, the controls on both dishwashers are concealed and only visible once you open the door.

The interior is where the real differences are. Each dishwasher features different drying methods and cleaning features. The KitchenAid dishwasher features the Pro Dry System to quickly and seamlessly leave every load perfectly dry. The system uses a concealed heater element that heats up quickly for even faster drying. Heating up the water to higher temperatures allows for a more powerful clean while also sanitizing your dishes. Alternatively, Bosch uses a condensation drying method that doesn’t use a heating element. Instead, it uses Zeolite, a volcanic element that produces heat as it absorbs water, to heat the interior and speed up the drying process. This system works especially well for drying plastics. The door conveniently pops open after the cycle is finished.

The cleaning system on the KitchenAid features a 9-arm water spray that covers all the dishes and silverware. It features dedicated bottle nozzles that reach the inside of items like tall bottles and sports drink containers. The Clean Water Wash System is able to continuously remove food particles from the wash water so your dishes are cleaned with clean water. The Bosch dishwasher uses intelligent sensors to continually scan and check the progress of dishes throughout the cycle. It includes powerful, precision spray arms to target every item of every load. The top rack of the Bosch, known as the My-Way top rack, offers great utility for more sizes of cups and silverware.

The KitchenAid uses a food disposer to efficiently remove small food particles from the water and a removable grate to catch the bigger items. The Bosch has a fine filter cup that catches all sizes of food particles. Both are The KitchenAid ranks in at 44 decibels and the Bosch is a little quieter a 42 decibels.

Two excellent dishwashers. Two different ways to wash and dryer your dishes. Both are incredible performers. The final choice is yours.

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