Being stuck inside during the frigid winter weather naturally makes us more conscientious of how much energy our homes are using. From becoming more aware

of the buzzing of the refrigerator and the ever-growing pile of dishes to the excess loads of laundry thanks to the added winter layers, sometimes it feels like all we do is use energy. Plus with the rising heat bill every month, our wallets start feeling it too. Whether you want to save money or reduce your carbon footprint, replacing your old appliances with Energy Star certified appliances is a great way to do both!

What Does Energy Star Certified Mean? Energy Star is a program which provides certifications to consumer products that meet standards of energy efficiency. An appliance that is Energy Star certified is just the same quality or sometimes even better than standard products, it just happens to use less energy. For example, a refrigerator becomes qualified to Energy Star certified when it is 15% more efficient than the minimum federal efficiency standard. New Energy Star certified appliances cause fewer harmful emissions from power plants while still offering the latest features you expect.


Do Energy Star Appliances Actually Save You Money? The short answer: Yes. The long answer: Yessss. Appliances that meet the strict energy efficiency criteria are able to save you enough money to make it actually better on your bank account in the long-run to invest in new appliances than holding onto your old, energy-hog appliances. So instead of settling with “just okay” because at least you’re saving money in the meantime, the truth is it’s more likely you’re wasting money in the long-run. Plus you’ll be missing out on incredible features, conveniences, and added beauty to your kitchen that newer appliances have to offer. Energy Star’s website even has a calculator so you can discover how much money you are likely to save by updating your appliances.

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